Lewis Halsey

Lewis Halsey

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Lewis is a Reader in Comparative and Environmental Physiology at the University of Roehampton in London, and leads the Roehampton University Behaviour and Energetics Lab (RUBEL). He undertook a PhD at the University of Birmingham on the respiratory physiology of diving animals, in particular tufted ducks. Lewis continued at Birmingham in a post-doctoral role, primarily studying the energetics of adult king penguins in the wild, conducting field work on the Crozet Archipelago in the Southern Indian Ocean. He also conducted research into the allometry of diving in endotherms (with Tim Blackburn, UCL), the diving energetics of cormorants (with Craig White, Monash University), and the potential to use miniature acceleration loggers to estimate the energy expenditure of instrumented animals (with Rory Wilson, Swansea University and Jon Green, University of Liverpool). He was based in Birmingham for seven years until moving to London in 2007.

Lewis’ research at the University of Roehampton focuses on the energetic adaptations and limitations of animals, particularly air-breathing divers and terrestrial species, including humans. He also studies their energetic plasticity in response to environmental variations. Presently, Lewis is working on a number of studies including the energy costs of arboreal locomotion in great apes and how they use the inherent elasticity in their environment to their energetic advantage. He is also currently studying how perturbations to the environment affect the foraging energy efficiency of seabirds from the UK to the tropics to the sub-Antarctic, and in turn how this affects chick rearing during the breeding season. Particularly for fieldwork but also for laboratory-based studies, he is a keen advocate of using animal-instrumented data recorders/transmitters to obtain key behavioural and physiological variables. With external collaborators he continues to develop, validate and employ accelerometers for estimating the behaviours and associated energetics of both captive and free-living animals.
Contact Details

Dr Lewis Halsey
Department of Life Sciences
The University of Roehampton
London, SW15 4JD
United Kingdom
Ph. +44 (0)208 392 8120

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