Nic Bury

Nic Bury

Comparative Endocrinology Group Convenor

Nic is a Reader in Aquatic Ecotoxicology in the Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine at King’s College London where he is the co-organiser of the Biomedical and Molecular Sciences Research MSc and is heavily involved in the Aquatic Resource Management masters. He did his PhD at the University of Dundee under the guidance of a SEB stalwart Professor Brian Eddy. His PhD focused on the effects of cyanobacterial toxins on fish, a subject that included fish physiology, endocrinology and ecotoxicology, all areas of research that Nic still pursues. He followed this with post-doctoral positions in the labs of Gert Flik (University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands) and Chris Wood (McMaster University, Canada), and then was awarded Marie Curie Fellowship  to work in INRA, Rennes, France, under the guidance of Patrick Prunet, before returning to the UK to take a University Fellowship at the University of Exeter. He obtained a lectureship position in Aquatic Biology at King’s College London in 2001.
Nic has a broad scientific interest that is reflected in a number of different research angles that his group pursues (see link below). He was the first to discover that teleost fish have two glucocorticoid receptors and he and the deputy convenor (Armin Sturm) of the endocrine group have collaborated extensively, unravelling why this may be. In addition Nic has pursued his interested in the mechanism of essential and non-essential metal homeostasis in fish, and is currently using a primary fish gill cell culture system to investigate the uptake and metabolism of pharmaceuticals.

Dr Nic Bury
Diabetes and Nutritional Sciences Division
King’s College London
Franklin Wilkins Building
150 Stamford Street
London SE1 9NH
United Kingdom
Ph: +44  (0)20 7848 4091

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