Animal Biology


Holly Shiels

Thermobiology Group convenor

Holly is a Senior Lecturer in Animal Physiology at the University of Manchester. Her research focus is cardiac physiology in ectotherms. Environmental changes, such as temperature, oxygen and carbon dioxide fluctuations, dramatically affect the ability of the heart to maintain normal function. And yet many ectothermic animals experience these changes during their life. Her group explores strategies of cardiac adaptation that permit maintenance of heart function in animals living in fluctuating environments.

For further details, look at Holly’s research and publications and find information on the Shiels Lab.

Holly Shiels
Faculty of Life Sciences
3.15d Core Technology Facility
46 Grafton Street
Manchester M13 9NT
United Kingdom
Ph: +44 161 275 5092

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Natural History Museum, UK
11 - 12 November 2017