Animal Biology


Picture of box jellyfish, Tripedalia cystophora,
provided courtesy of Anders Garm,
Lund University

The Animal section of the SEB has a diverse range of interests on whole organism biology, and also includes considerations of the links to cellular process at lower levels of biological organisation, but also associations between physiology, locomotion and behaviour in the context of ecophysiology or ecology. However, the core theme is the biology of the whole organism.

The animal section is split into special interest groups from the view point of managing our affairs, but scientifically these boundaries are not fixed, and the groups do share scientific events and interests. The groups include biomechanics, osmoregulation, animal respiration, neurobiology, and animal genomics.

Information about the different Animal Section Interest Groups can be found here. Each interest group is headed up by a Group Convenor, and along with our Co-opted Members, make up the committee of the SEB Animal Section.