Leah Band

Leah Band

Cells and Systems Interest group co-convenor

Leah Band is a mathematical biologist and her research focuses on modelling plant growth and development. She is currently a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow and new group leader at the Centre for Plant Integrative Biology at the University of Nottingham.
After a PhD in applied mathematics, Leah became interested in plant science when she joined the University of Nottingham’s new Centre for Plant Integrative Biology in 2007.
Since then, Leah has become passionate about using maths to understand the mechanisms underlying plant growth and development. Much of her research involves developing and analysing multiscale models to investigate how regulation at the network and cellular scales controls the emergent dynamics within plant tissues and organs. For example, her recent projects have used modelling to understand how the influx carriers control auxin distribution, how hormone dilution explains root growth dynamics and how aquaporins affect the timing of lateral root emergence.

Leah Band
Centre for Plant Integrative Biology
School of Biosciences
Sutton Bonington Campus
University of Nottingham
LE12 5RD
United Kingdom
Ph: +44 115 9516571
Email: leah.band@nottingham.ac.uk

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