Karen Polizzi

Karen Polizzi

Synthetic Biology and the Physical Cell Group Co-Convenor

Karen is a senior lecturer in the Department of Life Sciences at Imperial College London and a member of the multi-disciplinary Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation. Karen’s first degree was in biochemistry from the University of Maine and her PhD was in chemical and biomolecular engineering was from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Karen joined Imperial College in 2008 as an RCUK Fellow in Biopharmaceutical Processing.
Karen’s research focuses on using synthetic biology to develop biological manufacturing processes for therapeutic proteins and small molecules. Her lab also develops biological sensors for the online monitoring and control of biochemical processes.

Karen Polizzi
Department of Life Sciences
Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation
Imperial College London
London SW7 2AZ
United Kingdom
Ph: +44: (0)20 7594 2851
Email: k.polizzi@imperial.ac.uk

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SEB Gothenburg 2017

Gothenburg, Sweden
3 - 6 July 2017