Personal Development

The SEB is committed to supporting the career development of its members. Continuing personal development will maximise your prospects and employability whether you are aiming for a career in academia or are considering a  non-academic career. Elements of career management such as understanding yourself, knowing the professional landscape you are targeting (jobs, expectations, skills required), presenting yourself effectively (e.g. in research statements, fellowship applications, CVs, interviews) and formulating a plan of action all contribute to this process. SEB can assist you in this and guide you towards a successful career. We run supporting events, offer resources and guidance as well as one-to-one guidance for our members.

For more information and enquires please contact Sarah Blackford,

Recent comments:

“Thanks for all your help and for the pep talks - it has really helped me to see my strengths”.

“I was called this afternoon that I received the fellowship! Thanks so much for your help with career planning, CV and else, I'm sure that made the difference!”

“It was good to chat with you yesterday and really useful to get your input on my CV. Thanks for your positivity as well, I find it easy to slip into negative thinking at the moment and it's really good to have someone tell me that there are all sorts of future job options.”