SEB Florence 2018 - Programme


The following Animal biology sessions will take place at SEB Florence 2018. Further information on the sessions will be available soon:

Animal and Cell Biology

Stress: From cellular mechanisms to organismal responses and conservation

  • Pumping ions as a response to stress from aquatic habitat transitions: cellular and molecular mechanisms related to evolutionary changes
  • The role of the Mitochondria in environmental adaptation and disease
  • Advances in non-invasive monitoring of stress in the field and laboratory: applications for conservation

Animal Biology


  • Biomechanics and climate change
  • Open Biomechanics


  • Cardio-respiratory adaptations to environmental change
  • Mitochondria in changing climates: biosensors and mediators of animal resilience
  • Ocean warming and acidification: what underlying mechanisms can reveal about impacts of multiple stressors 

Proximate and ultimate drivers of behaviour

  • The role of individual variation in the behaviour of animal groups
  • Intraspecific variation in responses to stress: Why individuals matter?
  • Generality of the ’pace-of-life syndrome’ concept: is the idea of integrated syndromes supported by experimental data?

Other Animal Biology sessions

  • Open Animal Biology