SEB Prague 2020

Animal Biology Sessions

The following Animal biology sessions will take place at SEB Prague 2020.

Animal Biology


  • Parasites, disease and host immunity: Towards amechanistic understanding of infection-induced phenotypes
  • Ecoimmunology in a changing world: challenges and progress
  • Open Animal Biology
  • Open Biomechanics

Environmental Fluctuation

  • Aquatic ectotherms in fluctuating environments
  • Physiological and ecological responses to temperature fluctuation
  • The physiology behind phenotypic plasticity in rapidly changing environments

Environmental Fluctuation and Biodiversity

  • Not just down the hatch: food processing, transport, and assimilation in jawed vertebrates

Big Data

  • Automated animal tracking in behavioural studies
  • Putting animal biology in ecological context with advances in animal tracking and bio-logging
  • (Animal & SEB+) Open Electronics in Experimental Biology

Animal & Cell Biology

Environmental Fluctuation

  • Neurotransmitters to phermones: the response of physiological and behavioural signals to environmental change
  • Episodic hypoxia: mammalian species with exceptional tolerance and how to study them
  • Do environmental contaminants alter energy balance, how can we find out and how much does it matter?

Animal, Cell AND PLANT Biology

Big Data

  • Austral Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology