SEB Prague 2015

SEB Prague 2015

SEB's 2015 Annual Meeting took place at the Clarion Congress Hotel, Prague on 30 June - 3 July 2015. An archive of the conference programmes, abstracts presented at the conferences, plenary lecturers and prize winners are available on this page: 


SEB Prague 2015 conference programme

Abstracts by section

Animal biology abstracts
Cell biology abstracts
Plant biology abstracts
Education and Public Affairs abstracts

Plenary Lecturers

Audio and slides are available for these lectures and can be accessed by clicking the presentation titles below:

Bidder Lecture: Andrew Cossins (University of Liverpool, UK) - Disruptive technology, leveraged serendipity and environmental stress adaptation

Woolhouse Lecture: Andrew Millar (SynthSys, University of Edinburgh, UK) - Understanding daily growth across scales, from the biological clock to biomass

Cell Biology Plenary Lecture: John Oxford (Queen Mary College, UK) - Quarantine and infection of volunteers with Influenza (1915 to 2015)

President's Medallists and prize winners

The SEB would like to congratulate the following President's medallists and prize winners:

President's Medallists

Animal Section: Jonathan Stecyk (University of Alaska Anchorage, Alaska)
Cell Section: Susan Cox (Kings College London, UK)
Plant Section: Wolfgang Busch (Gregor Mendel Institute, Austria)
Education and Public Affairs SectionGonzalo Estavillo (CSIRO Agriculture, Australia)

YSAS winners

Winner: Dominique Roche (University of Neuchâtel,Switzerland)
Runner up: Lauren Nadler (James Cook University, Australia) and Heather L More (Simon Fraser University, Canada)

Winner: Zigmunds Orlovskis (John Innes Centre, UK)
Runners up: Sonali Roy (John Innes Centre, UK)

Irene Manton prize winners

Animal Section: Heath MacMillan (Aarhus University, Denmark)
Cell Section: Valerie Cornet (University of Caen, France)
Plant Section: Jana Knerova (University of Cambridge, UK)
Education and Public Affairs Section: Emily Mockford (University of Sheffield, UK)