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Company of Biologists Travel Grant

Application deadline: 30 September 2016

Available for attending workshops, training courses, conferences, research trips and lab exchange visits.

Eligibility criteria

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Application has now closed and will re-open in December 2016

Available for Students and Early Career Scientists attending the SEB Annual Conference.

Eligibility criteria
Brighton 2016

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Training and Travel Grants

The Society for Experimental Biology awards up to £50,000 in travel grants to its student and early career scientist members to help them attend conferences and workshops, and gain research experience in the UK and abroad. We have two travel grant schemes available: the Company of Biologists Travel Grant and the SEB Annual Meeting Travel Grant.

Funding for Events and Meetings

We also support and sponsor events and meetings organised by SEB members such as small scientific conferences, PhD events and public lectures at universities. Members can also apply to organise a meeting on behalf of SEB (see our satellite meeting funding). Up to £50,000 a year goes to supporting our members in organising events and conferences.