Improving experimental approaches in animal
biology: Implementing the 3Rs

Animal Symposium 2016

29 June - 1 July 2016; Central London, UK

Organised by: Dr Nic Bury (Kings College London, UK) & Dr Lynne Sneddon (University of Liverpool, UK) 

Zebra fish.     Mouse handling.

SEB as a society supports science conducted in an ethical and humane manner and our 2016 symposium will promote the 3Rs (Reduction, Replacement, Refinement) in animal biology. This meeting will be dedicated to improving animal welfare, reducing numbers of animals used and replacing animals in experimental procedures in animal behaviour, endocrinology, neurobiology, physiology, toxicology, and other disciplines by focussing on innovations in the 3Rs principles. This symposium will showcase the latest research through two days of invited and submitted presentations by experts and young researchers in the field of 3Rs research. We shall also devote a proportion of this meeting to educating our members on key areas of experimental animal welfare, reducing or replacing animals in experiments, ethics, funding opportunities, engagement with the public and openness in science e.g. The Concordat. This symposium covers all of the interest groups within the Animal Section so has broad appeal and will also be relevant to members of the Cell Section that use cell cultures rather than whole animals.

We welcome abstracts from Ph.D. students, early career researchers and academics on the following topics:

  • Reduction – Methods that minimise the numbers of animals used in experiments
  • Replacement – Methods that avoid or replace the use of animals
  • Refinement – Methods that minimise suffering and improve animal welfare

For full definitions of the 3Rs, please visit NC3Rs website

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