SEB Annual Meeting 2014

SEB Manchester 2014


The SEB Manchester took place at Manchester University, UK, from the 1st - 4th of July 2014.  We had 750 attendees from all over the world and we'd like to than each and every one who attended for helping to make it such a great meeting!

Our congratulations go to our 2014 Prize Winners, as follows:

Young Scientist Award Session

Plant section
1st Prize – Stephanie Johnson (Durham University)
Runners up – Caroline Upton (James Hutton Institute) and Beth Dyson (University of Manchester)

Animal Section
1st Prize – Sabine Lague (University of British Columbia)
Runners Up: Jana Goyens (University of Antwerp) and Alex Zimmer (McMaster University)

Irene Manton Poster Prize

Animal Section: Karlina Ozolina (University of Manchester)
Cell Section: Magdalena Julkowska (Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (SILS))
Plant Section: Pauline Anne (INRA Versailles)

General Biomechanics Session

Poster Prize
1st Prize – Marco Caliaro (University of Freiburg)
2nd Prize –  Jonas Wolff (Kiel University)
3rd Prize –  Chris Mayerl (Clemson University)

Talk Prize
1st Prize – Ariel Camp (Brown University)
2nd Prize – Jana Goyens (University of Antwerp)
3rd Prize – Benjamin M. Perlman (Wake Forest University)

Town hall.