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UK Science Policy news
01 July 2016

The Royal Society of Biology's weekly round up of science policy news is here!

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SEB statement on EU Referendum
30 June 2016

Many of you will have read about the significant event that occurred in the United Kingdom last week when a small majority of the population voted for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. The ramifications of this decision are still being discussed and the political fallout in the UK has been extensive. However, the work of SEB goes on.

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Ambassador of the year
18 May 2016

Each year the “Ambassador of the Year” award goes to the member who has been most active in raising awareness of the Society.

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Meet the SEB Ambassador in Brazil
17 May 2016

I personally find that the Society offers a great forum for networking and presenting your research and is especially supportive of young scientists. I will therefore aim to make the Society known in Brazil and help grow the SEB network further.