Colin Osborne

Plant Environmental Physiology Group Convenor

Colin is a plant scientist with research interests in ecology and evolution, particularly in how evolution has shaped plant-environment interactions. His BSc in plant sciences is from University of Manchester (1992) and his PhD in plant environmental physiology is from the University of Essex (1996). Colin’s research investigates how physiological processes interact with the environment, addressing two general questions:

•    How have plant physiological traits evolved on geological and archaeological timescales?
•    What roles do these traits play in the ecology of species and the structuring of ecosystems?

Current work focuses on C4 photosynthesis in grasses, and on domestication traits in crops. Work scales from the gene to the globe, and takes a variety of approaches, including:

•    sequence analysis using phylogenomic and phylogenetic approaches
•    manipulation experiments in controlled environments
•    common garden experiments under natural climatic conditions
•    comparative statistical analyses of large datasets
•    simulation modelling based on mechanistic models of plant function.

Colin Osborne
Department of Animal and Plant Sciences
University of Sheffield
Western Bank
Sheffield S10 2TN
United Kingdom