Outreach, Education & Diversity

OED Trustee

In addition to the group convenors the OED committee is made up of other experienced biologists who share their expertise and knowledge in driving the activites in the OED section.

Sheila Amici-Dargan

Sheila Amici-Dargan: OED Trustee

I am an Associate Professor in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Bristol (UK), where I currently teach Neuroscience and Physiology to undergraduate Biology students. After many years undertaking laboratory-based research I realised that my passion is rooted in Education and I have active interests in science outreach and pedagogic research. My educational research projects include developing effective and sustainable ‘communities of practice’ in higher education, enhancing student-led collaborative and social learning within and beyond the classroom, and innovations in assessment and feedback. As an OED Trustee for the SEB, I look forward to organising events and workshops to promote sharing of best practice in teaching and learning, and educational research.

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Esther Odekunle

Esther is a PhD student funded by SEB, investigating the expression and physiological roles of a novel vasopressin/oxytocin-type neuropeptide in the starfish Asterias rubens at Queen Mary University of London

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Jenny Sneddon

Jenny is a Vertebrate Environmental Physiologist at Liverpool John Moores University with 17 years’ of experience in managing work experience for undergraduates as well as running Nuffield placement for sixth-form school students.

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Mary Williams

Mary’s career began with 13 years as a professor of plant biology. During this time, she increasingly focused her efforts on developing and disseminating tools for plant biology education to teachers and scientists in America and subsequently Europe.

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Sara Marsham_opt(2)

Sara Marsham

Sara is a lecturer in marine biology and Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) for the Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering at Newcastle University.

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Alison Kingston Smith

Alison Kingston-Smith

Alison is based at IBERS, Aberystwyth University where she is leader of the BBSRC-funded Institute Strategic Programme Grant on Rumen Systems Biology.

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