Outreach, Education & Diversity

Outreach, Education & Diversity Section

Section Chair: Vacant

The Outreach, Education and Diversity (OED) section works closely with the SEB’s scientific Plant, Animal and Cell Sections in a four-way exchange, with the aim of creating an organisation that acts together to the benefit of its members and, ultimately, the whole of society itself. OED is a cross-cutting section that provides a forum for experimental biologists to:

Our Meetings and Activities


The activities of OED are not mutually exclusive, but rather interconnect and enrich the work of the Animal, Plant and Cell Sections.

Each year we run an exciting programme of events at the SEB Annual Meeting. 

We also run regular symposia and satellite meetings on topical subjects such as innovation and creativity in teaching, science communication training and supporting the careers of PhD students and early career scientists.

By contributing into SEB’s scientific research meetings, we also add value to the delegate experience, in a bioscience-focused setting. The interests and expertise of the members of the OED Section Committee reflect these overlapping interests.

Please get in contact if you’d like to learn more about or get involved in our activities. We look forward to hearing from you.

“As an early career scientist, I am well aware of the challenges and difficulties you can face in order to pursue a career in academia. What I have appreciated most from SEB is the engagement and support I have had from more experienced scientists. Sarah Blackford [Head of Education & Public Affairs at the SEB] in particular has taken me under her wing and given me one-on-one sessions to discuss my career prospects and CV. Because I enjoy the teaching and supervision side of academia Sarah introduced me to her far reaching network – so I now have access to academic teaching programs from around the world.”

Elizabeth Nielson, Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Copenhagen, Denmark