The Unsung Scientist: Timeline

The SEB is proud to celebrate Black History Month. As part of this, we want to increase recognition of the achievements and contributions of the Black community to the field of Biology through the creation of a timeline of influential Black scientists throughout history and into the present day.

We are asking our members and supporters to get involved with this venture and submit their own additions to the timeline. If you would like to get involved, please create a short biography of a biologist who has inspired you in the format outlined below. All submissions to be sent to:

Contributors to the timeline will be automatically entered into a prize-draw, for the chance to win three books celebrating the lives of just a handful of the inspirational scientists to be featured.

Entry Format  

  • Name
  • Year of Birth (or estimated)
  • One sentence summary of the reason they are of scientific interest.
  • 300 word biography covering background, scientific career and key discoveries.
  • Maximum 3 hyperlinks to reputable papers, websites, or e-books that provide additional details or context.

See an example entry here

Book Give-Away


·       Unbowed My Autobiography by Wangari-Maathai

·       Black Apollo Science - Ernest Everett Just

·       Ground-breaking Scientists - Black Stories Matter