Outreach, Education & Diversity

Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning group recognises that experimental biologists are researchers and educators. The group works to support:

  • its members in the development of their practice as teachers at every stage of their academic career
  • biology students wherever they may be.

Our Meetings

Sessions at SEB Annual Conference

Our aims primarily achieved through our strand of the Annual Conference where inspirational keynotes and members of the Society who are passionate about learning and teaching share ideas and spread effective practice.

Each meeting has two themes:

  • the first is excellence and innovation across undergraduate teaching;
  • the second focuses upon a particular current issue that is relevant to the wider membership.


We also hold regular symposia which bring together leaders in the field of education to highlight current trends and excellence in learning and teaching that are of interest to experimental biologists. The most recent symposium covered the topic of 'Creativity in science teaching'.

Contact us

Any queries regarding teaching and learning, please contact the SEB on admin@sebiology.org.