Society Structure

Our Committees


  • Responsible for strategy of the Society and to ensure SEB meets its legal requirements
  • Twelve members (eight members must be present to be quorate)
  • Chaired by the President

Ad-hoc Time-limited working groups

  • Dealing with strategic development projects
  • Formed as and when required

Meetings Committee

  • Makes all decisions on SEB scientific conferences
  • Includes all Section Chairs, Vice-President, Treasurer, CEO and the Events Manager
  • Five members of this Committee must be present to be quorate
  • Chaired by Vice President

Scientific Sections

  • We have three Scientific Sections: Animal Biology, Plant Biology, Cell Biology
  • Each Section is responsible for planning the science or member-enhancing activities offered at our scientific meetings and agreeing joint meetings with other Societies or groups
  • Responsible for establishing scientific Interest Groups within Sections representing the interests of members, and the co-ordination of those Interest Groups


SEB+ works closely with the SEB’s scientific Plant, Animal and Cell Sections in a four-way exchange, with the aim of creating an organisation that acts together to the benefit of its members and, ultimately, the whole of society itself. SEB+ is a cross-cutting section that provides a forum for experimental biologists to: 

  • discuss and disseminate best practice and innovation in teaching and learning
  • engage members in exploring science communication
  • support personal and professional career development
  • champion equality, diversity and inclusivity in the representation of members across the activities of the society and in the wider arena of experimental biological sciences

Publications Committee

  • Responsible for co-ordinating strategy of all Society publications
  • Includes one representative from each of the Scientific Sections
  • Chaired by Publications Officer

Audit and Risk Committee

(amalgamating Audit and Investments Committees)

  • Reviews the Society’s risk register to ensure it remains up to date
  • Monitors the performance of the Society’s investments and works with our Investment Managers
  • Works with our external auditors to produce Society accounts for approval by the Council
  • In attendance: three independent members, Honorary Treasurer, CEO and auditors
  • Chaired by one of our Independent Members