Animal Biomechanics Group

Convenor: Nicolai Konow (University of Massachusetts Lowell , USA)

Biomechanics is the study of mechanical principles in biological systems, ranging from the molecular to the organismal level, and beyond, including interactions with the environment. As such, the Biomechanics Group of the SEB brings together scientists from a wide variety of disciplines, including zoologists, botanists, molecular biologists, physiologists, kinesiologists, mathematicians, engineers, biomimeticists and computer scientists.

The SEB Annual Conference includes 3 to 4 days of Biomechanics presentations. We have an Open Biomechanics session, spanning several days, that consists of talks and posters on the application of biomechanics to any topic, including swimming, flying, terrestrial locomotion, feeding, functional morphology, muscle-tendon mechanics, damage and repair of materials, in animals and plants. We also run special topic sessions, of which recent examples include: Biomechanics of Climate Change; Neuromechanics and Neurophysics.