An integrative biology of the egg


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Sunday 3 July 2016

08:20 Registration
08:50 Introduction
Dr Steve Portugal (Royal Holloway, University of London, UK) & Prof Mark Hauber (Hunter College, USA)
  Chair: Dr Steve Portugal
09:00 Dr Claire Spottiswoode (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom & University of Cape Town, South Africa)
Eggs as battlegrounds: co-evolutionary arms races between brood-parasitic birds and their hosts
09:35 Mr Sean Williamson (Monash, Australia)
Embryonic development is constrained by in utero oxygen availability prior to oviposition
10:00 Ms Jasmina Wiemann (University of Bonn, Germany)
Opening a window in time: How dinosaur eggshell chemofossils store palaeobiological information
10:15 Dr David Booth (University of Queensland, Australia) 
Incubation temperature: A critical factor determining reptile hatchling quality
10:35 Refreshment break/Posters
  Chair: Dr Daniel Hanley 
11:05 Dr Charles Deeming (University of Lincoln, United Kingdom)
Life support systems for avian embryos: interaction between the incubation environment and the physiology of the embryo
11:30 Miss Marina Sartori (University of Sao Paulo State, Brazil)
Hydrostatic pressure in flexible-shelled reptilian eggs
11:45 Mr Tzu-Ruei Yang (Steinmann-Institut für Geologie Mineralogie Paläontologie Universität Bonn, Germany)
New evidences from complete oviraptorid clutches explain why oviraptorid dinosaur did not brood
12:00 Prof David Taylor (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
How tough is eggshell?
12:15 Dr Marian Hu (Institute of Physiology University of Kiel, Germany)
pH regulatory mechanisms enable cephalopod embryos to develop in a naturally acidified environment
12:30 Lunch/posters
13:30 Dr Wendy Reed (North Dakota University, USA)
Hormones in avian eggs: Perspective on pattern, process and mechanism
13:55 Dr Shelly Druyan (ARO, Israel)
Physiologicaleffects of hypoxic conditions during the plateau period on the chicken embryo 
14:20 Dr Daniel Hanley (Palacký University, Czech Republic)
How hosts recognize parasitic eggs: Asymmetrical egg discrimination along an eggshell colour gradient
14:35 Dr David Labonte (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)
The role of the collagenous membrane in the fracture resistance of eggs
14:50 Dr Branislav Igic (University of Akron, USA)
Recent insights into the function and evolution of avian eggshell structure and colouration
15:15 Refreshment break/Posters
  Chair: Dr Jasmin Wiemann
15:45 Mark Clark (North Dakota State University, United States)
Within-season variation in the shape and conductance of American white pelican eggs
16:00 Dr Steve Portugal (Royal Holloway, University of London, UK)
Cuckoo eggs: Is the mimicry just skin deep?
16:20 Dr Tony Williams (Simon Fraser University, Canada)
Synergistic or antagonistic effects of two maternally-derived egg components (antibodies and testosterone) on offspring phenotype
16:35 Dr Caren Cooper (North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, USA)
Cracking mysteries at the museum: Citizen science revival of egg collection
17:00 Close of meeting

Refreshment break/Posters

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