Monday 12 December 2016

14:00 Registration & refreshments
Prof Graham Scott and Dr Sara Marsham, SEB+ Committee Members
15:15 Prof Mark Langan (Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom)
Adult play and learning: is it time to grow up?
15:45 Dr Roy H J Erkens (Maastricht University, Netherlands)
Education that moves you: a standing approach to teaching and learning
16:05 Dr Pam Megaw (James Cook University, Australia)
Instructor creativity in producing learning activities for a diverse cohort of first year anatomy and physiology students
16:25 Dr Lucy Tallents (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)
Building ideas for student collaboration, together!
17:05 Discussion
17:20 End of Day 1
17:25 -
Poster session and buffet dinner

Tuesday 13 December 2016

08:30 Registration
09:00 Welcome
09:10 Dr George R Littlejohn (University of Plymouth, United Kingdom)
Aesthetics and choice in microscope-based biology teaching and research
09:40 Dr Gemma Anderson (Falmouth University, United Kingdom)
Drawing as a way of knowing in biology
10:10 Refreshment break
10:40 Dr Mark J Feltham (Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom)
Drones, bones and mobile phones: maker education and creative learning in science
11:10 Dr John Wedgwood Clarke (University of Hull, United Kingdom)
A poet in the lab: Creative writing and the biology student
11:40 Mr John R A Smith (University of Westminster, United Kingdom)
Art/Science collaboration: life in a new light
12:00 Dr David E Whitworth (Aberystwyth University, United Kingdom)
Beyond creation learning: enhancing students’ creative self-efficacy
12:20 Lunch
13:20 Dr Chris Willmott (University of Leicester, United Kingdom)
Student-generated videos: an authentic assessment
13:50 Dr Pam Megaw (James Cook University, Australia)
Student creativity in assessment of an anatomy and physiology subject: the digi-explanation
14:10 Prof Mark O Clements (University of Lincoln, United Kingdom)
Unpredictable outcomes: when art and science collide
14:30 Refreshment break
15:00 Dr Peter Lumsden (University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom)
Staff find their creative spark through digital tools which increase student engagement
15:20 Ms Erin A McKenney (Duke University, United States)
Student-centred course design leverages creativity for effective, enhanced education
15:40 Dr Anne M Tierney (Edinburgh Napier University, United Kingdom)
You call THAT a big class? Teaching large biology classes creatively
16:00 End of day 2
18:30 Conference dinner

Wednesday 14 December 2016

08:45 Registration
09:00 Welcome
09:10 Mrs Jane C Gurman (Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom)
A creative approach to enabling student creativity in the biosciences through an entrepreneurial challenge
09:30 Mr Nieky Van Veggel (Writtle University College, United Kingdom)
Teaching animal nutrition through product development and design
09:50 Prof Norman J Jackson (Creative Academic, United Kingdom)
Creativity and learning ecologies: what value does this idea have for higher education teaching and students’ creative development and achievement?
10:10 Refreshment break
10:45 Summary discussion and action planning
12:00 Close of meeting