Zoe A Wilson 1

Zoe A Wilson

Zoe is a Professor of Developmental Plant Biology in the School of Biosciences. Her research focuses on the molecular genetic analysis of plant reproduction and genomic technologies to support the improvement of crops.

She uses systems biology, bioinformatics, and molecular generic approaches to construct, develop and functionally test pollen/anther regulatory networks. In particular targeting traits for the optimisation and control of male fertility for effective breeding strategies aimed at delivering crop improvements for food security.

A major focus is the impact of abiotic stress, particularly temperature, on pollen development and crop fertility towards maintaining crop yields under climate change. She has worked extensively in the international space and has developed long-term collaborations particularly with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China.

She is Director of the Nottingham UKRI BBSRC Doctoral Training Programme and Pro-Vice Chancellor for the Faculty of Science, University of Nottingham