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Half day tours

To make the most of your time in the Azores, we will be organising two optional 1/2 day tours taking place in the afternoon on 12 April 2018. When registering for the symposium, please make sure you select the tour which you would like to take part in and more details on the tours can be found below:

Tour 1 - Pineapple plantation visit

Participants have the opportunity to visit pineapple plantations on São Miguel island and observe a research project that intends to reuse the pineapple sub products.

Price: Free

Pineapple plantation

Tour 2 - Whale watching

Participants have the opportunity to observe species of cetaceans usually seen in the Azores which is currently one of the world's largest whale sanctuaries. Nature offers no guarantees, however whales and dolphins are regularly spotted during the rides. Participants also have the opportunity to observe other species such as turtles, birds and others.

Price: £32 per person

Whale watching

Sao Miguel

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