Friday 30 June
Saturday 1 July

Friday 30 June

08:15 Registration opens
08:45 Opening remarks
Chris Wood (University of British Columbia, Canada) and Harold Bergman (University of Wyoming, United States)
  Chair: Chris Wood

Steve Perry (University of Ottawa, Canada)

The morphology-physiology interface at the gill
09:40 Jonathan Wilson (Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada)
Pierre and the Pavement Cell as an Ionocyte
10:05 Junya Hiroi (St. Marianna University School of Medicine, Japan)
Immunohistochemistry of ion and ammonia transporting cells in teleost fish
10:30 Refreshment break/posters
  Chair: Harold Bergman
11:00 Tobias Wang (Aarhus University, Denmark)
The Asian swamp eel (Monopterus albus): A peculiar air-breathing fish from South East Asia with numerous strange adaptations
11:25 Gudrun De Boeck (University of Antwerp, Belgium)
When ecotoxicology meets morphology: lessons learned from Pierre Laurent
11:50 John Steffensen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
Morphology versus swimming physiology
12:15 Cosima Porteus (University of Exeter, United Kingdom)
Gill neuroepithelial cells: a history and a look ahead
12:40 Lunch/posters
  Chair: Danielle McDonald
14:00 Greg Goss (University of Alberta, Canada)
Integrating gill morphology and ion transport ? the long road to molecular identification of gill Na+ transporters.
14:25 Kathleen Gilmour (University of Ottawa, Canada)
Localization of carbonic anhydrase isoforms in the fish gill: consequences for physiological function
14:50 Jehan-Hervé Lignot (University of Montpellier, France)
The effects of acute transfer to freshwater on ion transporters of the pharyngeal cavity in European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax).
15:15 M C Subhash Peter (University of Kerala, India)
Understanding the cortisol-driven integrative Na+ transport in osmoregulatory epithelia of air-breathing fish
15:30 Alyssa Weinrauch (University of Alberta, Canada)
Characterisation of post-prandially induced changes in whole animal physiology and hindgut morphology of the Pacific hagfish (Eptatretus stoutii)
15:45 Refreshment break/posters

Chair: David Randall
16:15 Sandra Fehsenfeld (University of British Columbia, Canada)
Goldfish renal tubules and acid-base regulation - more than meets the eye
16:30 William Marshall (St Francis Xavier University, Canada)
Morphology and function of the paracellular pathway in salt-secreting cell complexes of euryhaline fish exposed to hypersaline conditions: Regulation by accessory cells
16:45 Mikkel Thomsen (Aarhus University, Denmark)
The lactate ventilatory response? New clothes for an old friend
17:00 Robert Shadwick (University of British Columbia, Canada)
Using morphology to infer physiology of large whales
17:30 End of Day 1
17:30 - 19:00 Poster session and drinks
Chair: Jonathan Wilson

Saturday 1 July

08:45 Registration opens
  Chair: Jonathan Wilson
09:00 Danielle McDonald (RSMAS University of Miami, United States)
Urea pulsing in toadfish: physiology, morphology, and the contributions of Pierre Laurent
09:25 Martin Tresguerres (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, United States)
Cell biology meets physiology: novel cellular mechanisms involving sAC and V-type H+ ATPase in aquatic animals
09:50 Colin Brauner (University of British Columbia, Canada)
Ontogeny and paleophysiology of the chordate gill
10:15 Warren Burggren (University of North Texas, United States)
Cardio-respiratory physiological phenotypic plasticity in developing airbreathing anabantid fishes (Betta splendens and Trichopodus trichopterus)
10:30 Refreshment break/posters
  Chair: Dave Randall
11:00 Ora Johannsson (University of British Columbia, Canada)
It takes a team to study a fish: Air-breathing in the Lake Magadi tilapia, Alcolapia grahami
11:15 Milica Mandic (University of Ottawa, Canada)
Control of the hypoxic ventilatory response in larval zebrafish (Danio rerio) via hypoxia-inducible factor 1α
11:30 John Buckland-Nicks (St Francis Xavier University, Canada)
The adipose fin as a precaudal flow sensor
11:45 Göran Nilsson (University of Oslo, Norway)
Rapid and adaptive structural changes in fish gills
12:10 Lunch/posters
  Chair: Harold Bergman
13:30 Michael Wilkie (Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada)
Exploiting basic knowledge of the gill to reveal how fishes cope with natural and anthropogenic stressors in aquatic ecosystems
13:55 Lauren Chapman (McGill University, Canada)
Phenotypic plasticity in cichlid gills in response to hypoxia and elevated water temperature
14:20 Jodie Rummer (James Cook University, Australia)
Phenotypic plasticity at the gills of coral reef fishes and links to altered performance in
response to anthropogenic stress
14:45 Nicholas Carey (Hopkins Marine Station Stanford University, United States)
The filter-feeding anatomy of the anchovy Engraulis mordax: changes to swimming kinematics under increased hydrodynamic drag
15:00 Refreshment break/posters
  Chair: Chris Wood
15:30 Le My Phuong (Aarhus University, Denmark)
Gill plasticity in the air-breathing striped catfish Pangasianodon hypophthalmus
15:45 Catherine Lorin-Nebel (Montpellier University, France)
How do European sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax cope with freshwater environments?
16:00 David J McKenzie (CNRS Montpellier, France)
Swimming versus air-breathing in fishes
16:25 Concluding remarks
David Randall and Claudine Chevalier
18:30 - 21:30 Conference Dinner Cruise