Poster Design & Presentation for Scientists & Researchers 

In this two-part practical workshop, you’ll learn how to design and present your poster in a way that is engaging and interesting for your audience. To start with, you’ll learn how to think like your audience, so that you can design your poster with them in mind. Then you’ll learn the basics of graphic design, what makes a poster “pop”, the different approaches to getting attention in a digital world, and the tools you can use to design your poster. Finally, you’ll focus on delivery: how to attract readers, how to keep them interested, and how to give them something to think about when they walk away.

This workshop will involve lots of small group activities and you’ll have many opportunities to try out your new skills, present elements of a poster, and give and receive feedback. By the end of this programme, you’ll be able to put your skills to work and design a poster that you can present with confidence.

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Session 1: Focus: design 
20th May 2021 at 9am - 1pm GMT on Zoom

- What needs to be on your poster
- How to choose what to include (and what to leave out)
- The basics of graphic design
- Different poster layouts – what works, what doesn’t
- Software for designing your poster
- Adding extra elements to make your poster more engaging

Activities: group work, creating a presentation in small groups, experimenting with different layouts, feedback sessions

Homework: use the tools to map out a rough layout for your conference poster

Session 2: Focus: presentation 
27 May 2021 at 9am - 1pm GMT on Zoom

- How to attract readers/interesting people
- Presenting your poster once you have their attention
- Presenting without notes
- Keeping an eye on your language
- Non-verbal communication
- Giving people something to take-away

Activities: presenting homework in small groups (2-3 people max) for feedback, practising non-verbal and delivery skills, small group activities, feedback sessions, final presentation session applying new skills to outline poster.

Date: 2nd & 9th June 2021 at 9am - 1pm (GMT)
Trainer: Suzanne Whitby
Max participants: 50

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