SEB Annual Conference Montpellier 2022

Travel grants

The SEB are able to offer a number of travel grant opportunities for student and early career scientist members of the SEB to attend the Annual Conference.

We also offer discounted registration rates at the Annual Conference for Student and Early Career Scientist Members so find out how to Join the SEB.

Please note: You can apply for a Company of Biologists (CoB) travel grant or SEB Annual Conference travel grant, but any funds you are granted under one scheme will make you ineligible to receive funds from the other. We try to help as many people as possible to attend the Annual Conference. However, we encourage you to look for other sources of funding as we may not award the full amount you apply for.

Company of Biologists Travel Grant

You can apply for Company of Biologist (CoB) travel grants on a quarterly basis and the application deadline for a CoB grant to attend SEB Montpellier 2022 is:

  • 31 December for travel after 1 February
  • 31 March for travel after 1 May
Apply for CoB travel grant

To be eligible for a CoB travel grant:

  • you must be a student or early career scientist member of SEB
  • you must be in the second consecutive year of membership or pay for a multi-year membership when joining, if you qualify for it 
  • you must not have received funding from the CoB in the past 12 months
  • your travel date must occur at least 1 month after the application deadline for the quarter.
  • your research needs to be within SEB's remit. This is restricted to the subject areas that are covered by our activities (animal, plant and cell biology). Research directly related to medicine is precluded as it is better funded than most biological disciplines
  • the maximum funding award is £250 for travel within home country and £500 for overseas travel
    applications from scientists who are presenting at a conference or meeting are looked on more favourably than those who are not presenting.

To apply and more information on the CoB travel grant, please click here.

SEB Annual Conference Travel Grant

SEB Annual Conference travel grants are available to support student members to attend the Annual Conference and a total of £20,000 is awarded each year.

Application deadline: 3 May 2022

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a travel grant you must:

  • be a student member of the SEB
  • be at least in the second year of your SEB membership or if you are a new member you must hold a multi-year membership*
  • must not have been awarded an SEB Annual Conference travel grant for our Annual Conference 2021**
  • be a first author presenting a poster or a talk at the meeting and
  • have registered and paid to attend the meeting.

* new student members are eligible to apply for multi-year year memberships (i.e. Student 3 years or Student 5 years) only if their would still hold a student status in their 3rd or 5th year of membership (i.e. their study program will not finish before their 3rd year or 5th year of membership).

** Applications for the SEB Annual Conference grant should not be made in consecutive years

How to Apply

The application will open shortly

Documents we require from you

  • a copy of the confirmation email that we sent you when you submitted your abstract for the meeting
  • a copy of the confirmation email that we sent you when you registered for the meeting.

We try to help as many students as possible, however, we encourage you to look for other sources of funding as SEB may not award the full amount that you apply for.

Terms and conditions

  • Awards must be claimed within one month after the meeting
  • Grant recipients who claimed their award but did not attend the event will be required to repay the grant in full.