Volunteer Conference Ambassadors Wanted

The SEB Annual Conference 2021 is going virtual (29 June - 8 July 2021) and we are looking for volunteer ambassadors to act as session hosts and help us run the event as smoothly as possible.
This is a great opportunity to develop skills in event planning and logistics and a unique “behind the scenes” insight into the running of an academic conference. All ambassadors will be given free virtual conference host training and provided a certificate of completion that you can use as evidence for your CV.
Ambassadors would be granted early access to the session they are hosting and would be required to welcome speakers, upload presentation slides to the platform and monitor the chat function for attendees experiencing technical issues you may be able to solve (or point them in the direction of our 24/7 support line).

Ambassadors would need to be members of the SEB. 

For more information please contact us on events@sebiology.org