SEB 2021 Annual Conference

Speaker Session FAQ

Aventri is the Virtual Conference platform being used for the SEB 2021 Virtual Conference. Find the programme here.

Use the Right Browser

Aventri is optimized for specific browsers please ensure you use either Chrome or Firefox when using the platform to speak, host or attend a session at the Virtual Conference.

Speaker Prep – Before the Conference

As a speaker you may be on webcam for your talk. We have pointers on making sure you are prepared on your end before the session starts.

·       Aventri has no background function to blur or impose a background so do remember to think about your background ahead of your session

·       Test your camera angle ahead of time

·       Keep yourself central, if you are using a laptop think about raising it higher so the camera is level or higher than your face

·       Make sure your lighting is ahead of you, so your face is visible

Aventri have a Speaker Cheat Sheet which runs through everything you can do to make yourself prepared before your session even starts.

The Site

This is the conference lobby, from here you can view and join all the sessions being conducted at that time.FAQ Speaker 1

·       Sessions open 10 minutes before start time to speakers

·       Sessions open 5 minutes before start time to attendees

Check Your System
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FAQ Speaker 3

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FAQ Speaker 5
The Platform Page
FAQ Speaker 6

Once you have joined your preferred session you will see the session room.

Attendees will be able to interact with the speaker through the chat function. The session host will moderate the chat and highlight questions for Q&A sessions.

FAQ Speaker 7
FAQ Speaker  8
Chat and Audio

FAQ Speaker 9

·       Square icons next to names indicate a session host

·       Simply left click on an attendee’s name and select start a private chat to network

·       If you experience difficulties left click host’s square icon and start a private chat

·       Hosts moderate the chat function

For further information on the Aventri platform and the functions while in a session please view this page.

Support within Sessions

FAQ Speaker 10

There is a range of support ready to help attendees, speakers, and hosts to ensure the conference runs smoothly and is a good experience for all.

There are three forms of support:

·       SEB Ambassadors – We are delighted to have a number of members volunteering to support some of the sessions during the annual conference. They have been trained in how to use the Aventri platform so can offer technical support and perform hosting duties

·       SEB Staff – SEB Staff will be available throughout the conference to offer support and have been trained to provide technical support should any problems be encountered

·       Aventri Support – Aventri have provided staff to support the conference to ensure any persistent problems are resolved quickly


It is very important for sessions to stick to a strict time schedule. It is vital for sessions to start promptly and end on time, the host will be available to support you in a number of ways. The host will:

·       Will give a 5-minute warning to the speaker

·       Inform speakers when they should finish

·       Outline the Q&A process

·       Field moderated questions from the chat

·       Intervene when speaker or questioners exceed time limits

Spread the Word

During the sessions you can support by Spreading the Word, you can do this in a number of ways:

·       Displaying our conference email banner

·       Download the poster

·       Share talk content on social media

Find out more on our website.

CPD Points

We are delighted to that by attending the SEB Annual Conference 2021, you are eligible to attain 75 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points with the Royal Society for Biology (RSB) CPD scheme.

The SEB Annual Conference 2021 has been approved by the RSB for the purposes of CPD and may be counted as 75 CPD points.

How do I log my CPD?

To log your CPD points, you must first register with the scheme. You will then be asked to write a statement on how the event/activity has benefitted your professional practice. Also, for more information on the scheme, and which activities count towards CPD points, please view the RSB information page


FAQ Speaker 11

·       Only registered attendees are allowed access to the conference

·       Hosts can control the microphones of attendees and speakers to ensure one person can speak at a time – This is to avoid background noise interfering with a presentation

·       Hosts have the ability to eject attendees

·       Once ejected it is not possible to return to the conference with the same registration unless granted access by a member of SEB staff

The Society supports open scientific discussion and free speech in the expression of scientific opinions. However, we expect all parties engaging with the activities of the SEB to treat colleagues fairly and with respect.

To help create an inclusive environment where everyone feel welcome and comfortable to express their scientific views, we have launched an anonymous anti-harassment event report to use if you experience or witness incident of harassment during the event: We require all attendees at an SEB event to adhere with the code of conduct.

Finally, thank you for registering to attend the SEB 2021 Virtual Conference. We look forward to seeing you there and hope you have a fantastic conference.