SEB 2021 Annual Conference

Virtual Networking Events Ahead of the Annual Conference

The SEB would like to invite you to a virtual potluck!

On Monday 28th June at 09:00am and 16:00 pm (BST)

Ahead of the SEB Annual Conference 2021, we are arranging virtual networking sessions so you can meet other attendees and make connections.

What is a virtual potluck?

A potluck is a party or gathering where each guest contributes a different homemade dish of food or drink to be shared with all the other guests. Although you won’t be able to physically share your meal at a virtual potluck, you will share a description, and photo or recipe of your dish. Since the SEB Annual Conference is more international than ever, we are sure there are hundreds of dishes from across the world waiting to be shared and enjoyed.

There will also be opportunities to start other conversations. So, whether you would like to open a scientific discussion, find a collaborator, meet conference “buddy” to virtually attend sessions with, or just share your recipes and meet other attendees, there is something for everyone. 

What do I need to do?

1.     Sign up for the free event here

2.     Think of a dish or recipe that represents you, is traditional in your culture, or just something you’ve enjoyed making in lockdown.

3.     Have a name and short description ready (less than 60 characters) that explains your dish

4.     If you have a recipe and photo you can share, even better! You can email this to and we will create a “recipe book” to circulate to attendees following the event

5.     When you enter the virtual networking event, you will be asked what your dish is. You can paste your short description in the box and other attendees will be able to read about it. If any of the dishes take your fancy, simply “walk-up” to the participant and ask for the recipe!

How will it work?

After you sign up for the event you will receive an email containing joining details. On the day of the event, enter the virtual networking room armed with your dish description and recipe.

You will first be asked to take a photo for your avatar and to answer the question “what dish have you brought with you?”. Enter the name of your dish and a short description, this should be 60 characters or less. For example: “My Banana Bread - a sweet banana cake with chocolate chips”

You will then enter the virtual room. In this room, you will see  be able to see all of the other participants and the dish they have bought with them.

You can move your avatar around the room by holding down the click on your mouse. When your avatar is next to someone else’s avatar, let go of the click and a “circle” will form. This will bring up the webcams of the people within your circle so you can start a conversation. Up to 15 people can join a circle to be included in the chat and you can directly invite other people in the room to join your circle.

We have also set up different areas in the room with conversation starters to help identify people you may like to connect with.

If you’d like to explore a little more about how the platform works, watch the video below or read this article:

Remember to send your recipes to and we will create a dropbox folder “recipe book” that will be circulated to all attendees following the event.

We look forward to welcoming you all.