SEB 2021 Annual Conference


A virtual poster is the same as a traditional scientific poster, but saved in as a PDF and presented through our virtual conference platform. As normal, attendees can browse the conference abstract book and the conference website will display all accepted posters.

Conference attendees will be able to browse all accepted posters before, during and after the 2021 SEB Annual Conference. In addition, all poster authors will be given a scheduled time-slot in which they can answer questions about their poster. This will follow the session that the poster is related to and will take the format of a Q&A drop-in. This will give attendees the opportunity to ask specific questions to the author of the poster.

The author will be able to display a copy of their poster in this session (similar to presenting a PDF or presentation slide in a virtual talk). Therefore, the author can refer to images or text on their poster as they answer questions. During this session, the author will have the ability to annotate with text and shapes, use a pointer to highlight key areas, or zoom in on specific sections of the poster.

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Creating your poster as a PDF


Each virtual poster will be presented in its own unique virtual poster room.

Provide a one-page Poster PDF that can be published as supplementary material to your accepted abstract.

At least two weeks prior to the conference, you will receive an upload link and further instructions from If you do not received the upload link one week prior to the conference, please contact and confirm  the email address the instructions should be sent to

Name your poster file using your abstract number followed by the title of your abstract, (e.g., AB1-Nameofabsract).

Your poster session will take place in a virtual room where your poster will be uploaded, and you will be able to see and communicate with attendees regarding your poster (example below).

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Just like at an in-person conference, posters will be assigned to a specific poster session. During the poster sessions, attendees will be able to drop in and presenters will be able to engage with the attendees. If attendees are unable to attend the drop-in Q&A session, they can post questions for the author in a designated forum for the author to respond to. There will also be multiple other networking opportunities and chances for attendees of the conference to connect throughout the event.

Creating your poster as a PDF

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