Getting visitors at your poster session

If you are presenting a poster at this years Annual Conference, you’ll probably want as many people as possible to attend and ask you questions. Read on for some tips on how to pique interest before you present.

1.     Add your poster to the app – The conference app is a brilliant way to connect with other attendees. Utilise it by sharing your poster on the activity feed.

To do this, open the app and login with your email address and conference reference number. Go to the icon “Activity Feed”. Here you will see a textbox entitled “what’s on your mind”.

Type a message into this text box letting other attendees know about your poster and when you’ll be presenting for example. “Ever wondered how X does Y? Come and view my poster to find out! 1st July at 17:05”. You can also attach picture of your poster so people can view it ahead of your session and start thinking of questions.

Follow the visual steps:

Getting visitors at your poster session 1

2.     Utilise social media.

If you want to attract a bigger crowd, you could also promote your poster session on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Create a post encouraging people to attend your poster session, and use the hashtag #SEBconference This way, other conference attendees can search for your post and will be able to view it via the social media live-stream in the conference app. You might want to create a twitter card to generate extra interest, view this guide on how to do so here:

3.     Network in the breaks.

After each session there is a 20-minute break. During these breaks you will be able to interact with other attendees using the platform Wonder. Use these networking opportunities to their full potential, attend the session and get people excited about your upcoming poster session. Watch this “guest guide” to using the networking platform.

4.     Go to other posters.

Make sure you attend other people’s poster sessions. This a good way to hear about other attendee’s research and an opportunity to expand your network -  and don’t be afraid to invite them to your poster ses