SEB Gothenburg 2017

Get the most out of Gothenburg

Gothenburg City
Photo: Anders Wester/Göteborg & Co

Gothenburg, a seaside gem on the west coast of Sweden, is renowned for its natural beauty, picturesque architecture and unique culture. Its proximity to the ocean makes it a haven for quality seafood dining, whilst its many parks and gardens make it an ideal location for a summer's day stroll. The Gothenburg archipelago, a collection of islands off the coast, provide a fantastic day trip to take in the wildlife, unique fishing villages and beaches. The city also has a thriving fashion and shopping scene as well as a number of museums and the famous Liseberg theme park.With so much to see and do your time in Gothenburg is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

See below to find all the information you need to make sure you get the most out of Gothenburg!

Before you arrive

We have all the information you need to ensure you are ready to enjoy our SEB Gothenburg 2017 Scientific Smörgåsbord.

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Getting around

Gothenburg is a well connected city with an extensive public transport network and can be easily explored by foot or bicycle. 

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See & Do

Gothenburg has a number of different activities to keep visitors of all tastes entertained. The city has over 20 museums, a number of parks and a range of outdoor activities from kayaking to rock climbing.

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Drinking & Dining

Locally sourced seafood and beer are hallmarks of dining in Gothenburg, but a thriving vegetarian scene, an array of street vendors and a busy nightlife mean you are sure to find something suited to your taste. 

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