SEB Gothenburg 2017

Getting Around

Gothenburg Trams
Photo: Steampipe Production Studio / Göteborg & Co

Gothenburg is a well connected city with an extensive public transport system that can help you get to where you need to go. If you would prefer to soak up the Swedish sun, the city is easily roamed by foot or bicycle.

Public Transport

Gothenburg has an extensive public transport system which includes buses, trams, boats and trains. Travel cards are available which you give unlimited travel on bus, tram, boat and train services for either 1 day (Approx. £7.50) or 3 days (Approx. £15). These can be purchased from the Tourist Centre or from a number of kiosks and grocery stores in the city.

More information about purchasing tourist travel cards can be found here.

The app 'Reseplaneraren' is a free travel planner to help you find the easiest way to get around Gothenburg. It is available in English and can be downloaded on iOS, Android and for Windows Phone.


Cycling in Gothenburg
Photo: Stendahls / Göteborg & Co

The Gothenburg bike rental system, Styr & Ställ, makes it easy for you to explore the city by bicycle. There are over 50 rental stations located across the city and you can pick up and drop off your bike at any of them. The first 30 minutes of your bike rental are free, after which you will be charged.

Find out more about Gothenburg's bike rental system here.

Boats & Ferries

Travelling to the Gothenburg archipelago is made easy by boats and ferries that are easily accessible from the city centre. Boats to the car-free islands depart from Saltholmen in west Gothenburg while the car ferry to the northern islands depart from Lilla Varholmen in north-west Gothenburg.

  • The Älvsnabbare ferry takes you across the river between Stenpiren and Lindholmspiren. It’s free, so you don’t need a ticket.
  • The Älvsnabben ferry takes you along the river, from Lilla Bommen to Klippan, via Stenpiren, Lindholmspiren, Slottsberget and Eriksberg. The ferry is included in your regular bus and tram ticket.
  • From Saltholmen, there are several boats departing for the south archipelago islands and the regular tram and bus ticket is valid on all boats.
  • From Lilla Varholmen, there are car ferries heading for the northern archipelago islands. These are free, so you don’t need a ticket, even if you bring your car.

You’re allowed to bring a bike on all boats and ferries, both in the archipelago and on the river.

Find out more about traveling to the Gothenburg archipelago here.


There are a number of different taxi services available in Gothenburg. You can either book a taxi by phone or hail one on the street.
Note: Taxi fares in Gothenburg are not regulated so it is important to check the charge rates for each taxi you book.

Find out more about booking a taxi in Gothenburg here.