SEB Prague 2020

Cell Biology Sessions

Cell Biology

Dynamic organization of the nucleus across kingdoms’ Nuclear Dynamics SIG

  • David Evans (Oxford Brookes University, UK)
  • Roland Foisner (Vienna) 
  • Philipe Collas (Oslo)
  • Kentaro Tamura (University of Shizuoka, Japan) - Nuclear envelope organisation in plant development
  • Mark Field (University of Dundee, UK) - The architecture of the trypanosome nuclear envelope: Divergence, conservation and adaptation
  • Ralph Gräf (Potsdam University, Germany) - Light and stress-induced assembly of the Dictyostelium lamin
  • Eva Bártová (Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic) - Epigenetics of DNA repair
  • Eric Schirmer (University of Edinburgh, UK) - Nucleoplasmic signals promote directed transmembrane protein import simultaneously via multiple channels of the NPC
  • Jindřiška Fišerová (Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic) - TPR regulates nuclear pore distribution, nuclear shape and mechanotransduction
  • Ales Pecinka (Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic) - Maintenance of nuclear organization and stability by SMC5/6 complex
  • Dariusz Plewczyński (University of Warsaw, Poland) - Three-dimensional GeNOme Modeling Engine for data-driven biophysical simulations of CTCF and RNAPII-mediated higher-order chromatin organization
  • Alwin Köhler (University of Vienna, Austria) - The role of liquid-liquid phase separation in nuclear ubiquitin signaling
  • Maria Vartiainen (University of Helsinki, Finland) - Actin’ on transcription
  • Ohad Medalia  (university of Zurich, Switzerland) - Cryo-electron tomography; nuclear organization
  • Dennis Discher (University of Pennsylvania, United States) - Cytoskeleton nucleus genome connections
  • Iris Meier, Ohio (State, United State) - Cell Biology Keynote lecture.
  • Christophe Tatout (UCA Clermont Ferrand, France) - Plant nuclear structure and chromatin organisation.
  • Katja Graumann (Oxford Brookes, United Kingdom) - The higher plant LINC complex in action
  • Peter Schlögelhofer (Vienna Biocenter, Austria) - Mechanisms of Meiosis in Arabidopsis 
  • Birthe Fahrenkrog (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Institute of Molecular Biology and Medicine) - Functional roles of nucleoporins

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