The Science of Animal Sentience: Refining Experimental Biology

  • Penny Hawkins (RSPCA Research Animals Department, UK)

Animal sentience – the ability to experience pain, psychological distress and positive emotions such as pleasure – is a hot topic. Life science research has contributed to the anatomical, physiological and behavioural evidence base for animal sentience, but what are the practical implications of this knowledge, for both scientists and the wider public?

This meeting will discuss the biological basis for ascribing sentience, assess the current evidence for sentience in different species and identify knowledge gaps. It will also explore approaches to refining experimental biology, for researchers who wish to use the latest thinking about animals’ experiences to improve their welfare.

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague
Freyova 945/33
190 00 Praha 9-Vysočany

Registration will open in December.

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Prague, Czech Republic
7 - 10 July 2020
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