Funding for events and meetings

Organise an SEB Symposium

You can submit a proposal together with request for funding to organise an SEB symposium. The SEB Sections (animal, plant, cell ) as well as our Outreach, Education and Diversity group run a symposium every two years and funding of up to £12,500 is available for each symposium. 

Application Deadlines


Applications can be submitted each year by 1 March in the year prior to the meeting taking place.

SEB Sections run a symposia every two years with the Animal Biology and Outreach, Education and Diversity Symposia running in even years (i.e. 2022, 2024) and Cell and Plant Biology ones in odd years (i.e. 2023, 2025)

Future Symposia meetings for each Section are scheduled to run as per the schedule below.

  • 2022 – Animal Section Symposium; Outreach, Education & Diversity Symposium
  • 2023 - Cell section Symposium; Plant Section Symposium

Upcoming Deadlines

Monday 8th March at 12 am UK (GMT)

Applications are currently being received for Animal Biology Symposium and for Outreach, Education and Diversity symposium due to run in 2022. 


  • Applicants for symposium funding must be members of the SEB
  • the scientific topic of the proposed meeting must be within SEB’s scientific remit
  • A maximum of £12,500 can be applied for per meeting

HOW To Apply

To apply please complete the Symposium Proposal Form and return it by email to no later than midnight GMT on the advertised deadline date.

The proposal will then be forwarded to the relevant SEB Section Chair (Animal/ Plant/ Cell/ Outreach, Education & Diversity).

Terms and Conditions

If your proposal is accepted, a number of Terms and Conditions apply including:

  • You will need to work collaboratively with the SEB in organising the meeting as follows:
  • - You will be the scientific organiser of the meeting and therefore you will be responsible for organising the scientific programme
    - the SEB will be responsible for organising the logistics of the meeting including: managing  abstract submission, registrations, advertising and publicity, budget management.
  • We have regulations on what our funding can and can’t cover.
  • After the meeting you must also send us a report on the conference

Read the full Terms and Conditions. These are also attached to the application form.

Raise your profile

"There is no better way to raise your personal profile and develop networks than to invite interested parties to a meeting you are organising"

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