Grants and Funding

training and travel grants

As part of our goal to foster extraordinary connections among young scientists, each year we award around £50,000 in training and travel grants. As a student or early career scientist you can get support to:

  • take part in scientific conferences
  • attend workshops
  • carry out field research
  • fund travel and subsistence for laboratory visits.

The Company of biologists travel grant

Students and early careers scientists can apply for up to £500 funding with the The Company of Biologists Travel Grant to attend conferences, carry out research trips or make lab visits, but not limited to these purposes. A total of £35,000 is awarded in grants each year.

SEB Annual Conference travel grant

Also, students can apply for funding of up to £400 to attend the SEB Annual Conference, depending on how far away you live. Each year, we distribute £20,000 in grants to encourage our young scientists to participate at our flagship conference.