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Job Title: PhD Candidate                                                                                                                  
Accountable to:

Dept of Zoology

Responsible for Trinity College Dublin
Appointment: Early 2021

Location Dublin, Ireland 
Overview of the project:
Sharks feed in impressive and diverse ways, from eating large prey to feeding on very hard foods to lter feeding on massive scales. The architectures and materials of their tissues inuence these ecologies: our HFSP-funded project focuses on the anatomy and mechanics of feeding structures through a multi-lab and multidisciplinary collaboration, using lab and eld work, physical and digital simulation, and robotics.

Overview of the lab:
We are a research group in comparative skeletal biology starting in the Zoology Dept at Trinity College. Our group mixes zoology, engineering/biomaterials, marine science and design approaches to study biology (e.g. using microCT, microscopy, material characterization, 3D printing). The funded work will involve collaboration with physiologists, roboticists and designers at other institutions, while benefitting from the organismal biology experience of the diverse and innovative Zoology department.

We seek enthusiastic, kind, open, and curious candidates, who enjoy interdisciplinary interactions and can be friendly, reliable, approachable and supportive members of a diverse research group. Proeciency in 3D visualization/rendering and a programming language (e.g. R/Python) for data analysis are a plus. Project specics are adjustable to candidate strengths, but general desirable qualifications are as follows:

Phd candidate with anatomy/phys, materials science and/or biomechanics training, and strong experimental / visual skills. Full fees+annual stipend for an EU student for 4 years. 


Application Process
Submit a letter of research interests and current CV to  

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