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Job Title: PhD Candidate                                                                                                                  
Accountable to:

Raby Lab

Responsible for Trent University
Appointment: January or May 2022
$24,775/year for 4 years

Location Peterborough, Canada
Overview of the project:
The student will lead a project focused on walleye (Sander vitreus) biology that will involve respirometry experiments, biotelemetry tracking, and bioenergetics modeling to provide new insights into the drivers of fish migrations, the implications of climate warming, and the mechanisms underlying sexual size dimorphism. The project will focus on three important walleye populations in the Great Lakes: Bay of Quinte (Lake Ontario), Lake Erie, and Green Bay (Lake Michigan). The work will involve collaboration with a network of researchers and stakeholders in the US and Canada.

Overview of the lab:
Our research integrates concepts and techniques from ecophysiology, behavioural ecology, life history theory, fisheries science, thermal biology, and other areas relevant to fish ecology. Our goal is to make discoveries about fish ecology while also generating knowledge that is useful for conservation and resource management. We collaborate with a diverse network of people and institutions, including working directly with knowledge users for appropriate projects.

The position is open to Canadians and permanent residents of Canada, but strong international candidates are also encouraged to apply. Applicants from groups under-represented in STEM fields are especially encouraged to apply. An MSc (or equivalent) in an area of ecology, biology, or environmental sciences, is required to be completed before the start date. The applicant should have experience doing research on fish biology/ecology.


Application Process
Please send an e-mail with your CV and a brief statement of research interests to Dr. Graham Raby, Department of Biology, Trent University (