PhD student position in an evolutionary and biomedical physiology project

PhD student position in an evolutionary and biomedical physiology project

Job Description


Job Title: PhD student position in an evolutionary and biomedical physiology project
Accountable to:

Institute of Environmental Sciences

Responsible for  Jagiellonian University

A scholarship for 48 months of 5000 PLN / month (equivalent to mean gross income in Poland)

Location Kraków, Poland
Overview of the project:

The projectis based on a unique experimental evolution model system - lines of the bank voles selected in three distinct directions. We ask, how the selection for high performance under the conditions of unlimited vs restricted energy sources affects vulnerability of the animals to adverse effects of a calorie-rich, “Western” diet.


  • Experimental evolution of physiology and behavior:
  • artificial selection for high aerobic metabolism, herbivorous capability and predatory behavior in bank voles
  • changes in biochemical, physiological and behavioral traits
  • molecular background
  • evolution of bacterial symbionts (microbiome)
  • fitness components under natural conditions

Testing the Heat Dissipation Limit theory in the context of ageing: reproductive performance in

  • voles from the selection experiment
  • lab mice and birds

Experimental evolution of the thrifty and spendthrift genotypes, and its consequence for susceptibility to adverse effects of “Western diet”: insights from a selection experiment on bank voles (a description of the project).

Projects of Research Gate


1. MSc in life science (biology, biotechnology, ecology, evolution, or related; effective on 5.09.2020 to 18.09.2020).

2. Admission in one of PhD programs at JU: the International PhD Biology (preferably) or regular Biologia, effective on 1.10.2020 (

3. Good communication skills, good level of spoken and written English.

4. Research experience with animals (preferably rodents) and physiological or biochemical laboratory.

Achievements such as publications or conference presentations are considered advantageous.


Application Process


Preliminary enquiry: email to the principal investigator - Paweł Koteja (

Detailed information about the enrollment procedure and other formal issues - see here

The application should be sent by email ( 16.08.2020

(the term will be automatically prolonged if needed).


More information can be found here