Postdoctoral Researcher at Joe Santin Lab

Postdoctoral Researcher at Joe Santin Lab


Job Description


Job Title:
Postdoctoral Researcher at Joe Santin Lab
Accountable to:

Joe Santin Lab

Responsible for University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Location Greensboro, USA

Overview of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro:
UNC Greensboro is a university that matters to our students and the world. UNCG is a top NC university where you can be welcomed for who you are. Our caring faculty will challenge you every day. And above all, you'll learn to create a future that makes a real impact. Explore current UNCG Student Stories to learn about their undergraduate research, internship opportunities, and experience with service and leadership.

Enrolling at UNCG means joining the Spartan Family. We truly are a family here, where students, faculty, and staff share their ambitions and challenge each other to achieve them. Class discussions are made richer and more meaningful thanks to our diverse student body that represents and accepts all kinds of backgrounds.

  • 20,000 students, including 16,000 undergrads, chose UNCG.
  • Our students represent 48 states and 69 countries.
  • 84% of our full-time first year students receive some form of financial aid.
  • 80% of freshmen live on campus.

Overview of the project:

We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher to work with us on a recently funded National Institutes of Health R01 grant that addresses stability and plasticity of neural networks (

This project will combine electrophysiology and single-cell RNA sequencing to understand mechanisms that contribute to network homeostasis. The candidate must have a strong background in RNA sequencing technologies, relevant project design and execution, bioinformatics, programing (R and/or Python), as well as a willingness to learn electrophysiology techniques. UNC-Greensboro has access to the UNC Longleaf Cluster , so experience with Linux-based computing is also desirable.

The lab currently has one postdoc, 2 graduate students, and several undergraduate students working on related projects funded by the Department of Defense and another NIH grant. Applicants from diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

Application Process 

This position offers a competitive salary and benefits. Greensboro, NC is an excellent place to live, with a vibrant downtown scene that includes restaurants, bars, and music. We are located ~30 minutes from Winston-Salem and ~ 1 hour from Durham, NC. Inquiries should be sent to Joe Santin at

Please include a brief description of your research experience, career goals, your CV, as well as 3 letters of reference. Informal inquiries are also welcome without letters of reference.

Relevant Publications:

Santin, J.M. Motor inactivity in hibernating frogs: linking plasticity that stabilizes neuronal function to behavior in the natural environment. Developmental Neurobiology. 2019; 79, 880-891.

Santin, J.M., Schulz, D.J. Membrane voltage is a direct feedback signal that determines ion channel expression patterns in neurons. Current Biology. 2019; P1683-1688.

Santin, J.M., Vajello, M., Hartzler, L.K. Synaptic up-scaling preserves motor circuit output after chronic, natural inactivity. eLife. 2017; 6:e30005.