Ph.D. Position: Improving Welfare of Fish in the Ornamental Trade

University of the West of Scotland (based at Lanarkshire campus)

Contract type
Full Time
Glasgow, Scotland

Funded Ph.D. Project (UK Students Only)

University of the West of Scotland (based at Lanarkshire campus)

Supervisor: Prof. K. Sloman

About the Project

Fish are the most numerous UK pet, with many millions shipped live to the UK each year. Transport from international breeders to UK retailers can be a problem for fish welfare, with ethical and economic costs. The student will work with wholesalers and the pet industry to improve ornamental fish welfare during transport. The student will trial modifications to existing transport practices to reduce stress and mortality with significant economic and welfare impacts for the industry. This project builds on previous work from our lab which has suggested modifications to existing practices through the use of water conditioners, physical and social enrichment and is investigating the potential of operational welfare indicators for the trade. In aquaculture for food-fish there is evidence that the diet fish are fed prior to transport can help alleviate stress but this idea has not been widely explored for ornamentals.

Start Date

1st October 2023


In the first instance, informal enquiries should be made by email to (Professor Kath Sloman ([email protected]). Formal applications should be made -


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