Two Post-doc Positions in Animal Physiology at University of Rostock

University of Rostock

Rostock, Germany
Stipend, EUR 2,400 (tax free)

Two Post-doc Positions in Animal Physiology

University of Rostock

Contract type

Full time, 2 years, extension possible


Closing date

No closing date



Rostock, Germany



Stipend, EUR 2,400 (tax free)


Start date

As soon as possible


What You Will Do

Applicants are invited for two post-doc positions working on the physiology of insects in the Department of Animal Physiology, Institute of Biological Sciences at Rostock University. The salary is provided as a stipend by the university and tax free.


We seek an ambitious colleague who augment our research focus on insect locomotion. Our lab uses an integrative approach to investigate the neuronal, biomechanical, and aerodynamical bases of insect flight behaviours. We use genetic and neuronal tools, behavioural essays, robotics devices and several imaging methods to dissect the flight cascade in flies ranging from sensory input to air flow control by wing flapping. We are open to a wide range of research topics and methods. Research questions should be related to sensumotor control in insects at all levels of investigation. Methods may cover Behavioural Genetics, Physiology, Biomechanics, Electrophysiology, Fluid Mechanics and Numerical simulations. We appreciate an own strong research profile.


The topic of the first postdoctoral project is on visual decision making in flight of fruit flies. The applicant will use optogenetic tools to control decision making neurons in the fly’s brain by laser light stimulation during flight. The aim of the project is to score flight control and the changes of visual attention depending on the cellular activity.


The topic of the second postdoctoral project is on free-flight control in differently-scaled flies flying in turbulent environments. The applicant will reconstruct flight behaviour and body kinematics by high-speed video, and air flow patterns around body and wings using high-speed particle image velocimetry. The aim of the project is to tackle the limits of body posture control in insects flying under naturally occurring patterns of air turbulence.


Why Rostock University

The mid-sized university is one of the oldest universities in Germany. It covers a wide selection of faculties and offers multiple Bachelor and Master courses. The Department of Animal Physiology resides in a modern, state-of-the-art building together with several biological work groups and close to the Departments of Engineering and Electrical Sciences, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. This offers a lively working environment for various research concepts including a strong link to the Faculty of Medicine. Rostock is a lovely, mid-sized town located near the coast line of the Baltic Sea. It features moderate ambient temperature and offers many opportunities for recreation including swimming, sailing, and hiking.


Equal opportunity is an essential part of the university’s human resources policy. In case of equal qualification, applications from severely disabled people or equivalent are explicitly welcome. The University of Rostock seeks to increase the proportion of women in research and teaching, and particularly encourages female applicants to apply for this position. Applications from foreign scientist and people with migration background are appreciated. Please note that application and travel costs are not reimbursed by the Federal State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.



Who You Are

The successful candidate should have a PhD in biological, physical, engineering or related sciences. The positions require academic excellence in research. The applicant should be willing to publish peer-reviewed research and to apply for scientific funding. She/he should have the ability and willingness to contribute to teaching in animal physiology at an undergraduate and graduate level. German language skills are welcome.



How You Apply

Applications should submit the following documents:

  • a detailed Curriculum Vitae
  • a cover letter
  • a list of publications
  • an essay describing your motivation, past research experience and future interests
  • and names and addresses of at least two referees.

Please send all documents with the identifier “Postdoc-2023” as a single PDF-file to [email protected]. For inquiries and further information please visit our webpage or contact Prof. Fritz-Olaf Lehmann [email protected]. We are looking forward to see your application.



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