Royal Society Publishing Special issue: Enhancing Photosynthesis in Crop Plants - Targets for improvement

26 Sep 2017 - By: Royal Society Publishing

Special Issue: Enhancing Photosynthesis in Crop Plants - Targets for improvement

About this Issue

Achieving global food security for a growing population of consumers under a changing climate and depleting resource base is amongst the greatest challenges of present times. While questions concerning how to optimize and grow global food production have long vexed researchers and governments alike, the intriguing possibility of enhancing photosynthesis efficiency to address this challenge is much more recent proposition

This theme issue describes current concepts in photosynthetic regulation and consolidates information concerning functional operation, current and future limitations, impacts on stress/growth responses, and potential targets and markers for improved efficiency light energy conversion into yield. There is considerable potential for improvement in cereal yields by improving the efficiency of the underpinning processes. Achieving higher photosynthesis rates for the same or decreased use of water and nitrogen resources has the potential to be the game-changer required to transform 21st century agriculture and maintain food security.

This issue is based on a Royal Society discussion meeting held in October 2016.

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Author: Royal Society Publishing
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