SEB Gothenburg 2017 Session Report: Effects of pharmaceuticals on wildlife

01 Oct 2017 - By: Josefin Sundin & Mirjam Amcoff

SEB Gothenburg 2017 Session Report: Effects of pharmaceuticals on wildlife - bridging the gap between ecotoxicology and ecology 

Organised by: Josefin Sundin (Uppsala University, Sweden) & Mirjam Amcoff (Stockholm University, Sweden)


The aim of this session was to bring scientists together that work in traditionally unrelated fields. The researchers that contributed to the session came from fields ranging from pure ecology and behavioural science, to physiology, veterinary science, environmental toxicology, and computational modelling. The presented work was done on a wide range of organisms in which effects on individuals, species and whole ecosystems had been investigated. In addition to basic research, several of the contributors and invited speakers were directly involved in socioeconomic projects. The combination of the presentations from our invited speakers and of the contributing delegates created an environment that stimulated exchange of scientific knowledge and professional experiences. The discussions during and following the session did not only revolve around the effects of pharmaceutical pollution on wildlife but also touched on ways in which pharmaceutical waste could and should be measured, as well as how scientific knowledge can be converted into national and international policies. It was concluded that the latter includes developing cost-effective and accurate ways to assess these effects in nature. In addition, it is necessary to work with policymakers and the general public to identify effects on wildlife and, using legislative means, alleviate these effects.


Author: Josefin Sundin & Mirjam Amcoff
Category: Animal Biology