SEB Gothenburg 2017 Session Report: From genotype to phenotype

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SEB Gothenburg 2017 Session Report: From genotype to phenotype 

Organised by: Dr Wolfgang Busch (Salk Institute, United States) & Dr Chris Topp (Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, United States)


The genotype to phenotype session at SEB Gothenburg 2017 revolved around how the striking diversity of phenotypes that can be observed in organisms is generated by the genotype. This question is now more approachable than ever as recent advances in sequencing and phenotyping allow biologists to identify not only genomic loci that determine phenotypes, but genes and their molecular mechanisms. However, there are numerous largely unsolved issues in the field and the session sought to illuminate recent progress in this area. Topics ranged from large-scale and high-resolution phenotyping, the use of multi-variate analysis for charting genotype to phenotype maps, integrating complex genetic phenomena such as epistasis into genotype to phenotype models, the genetics and molecular mechanisms underlying the evolution of leaf form, the role of polyploidy and epigenetic mechanisms for phenotypes, phenotypic variation and links to adaptation and stress resistance, and understanding genotype-phenotype at the level of gene networks.

What became very clear in this session was that while there has been tremendous progress in our ability to conduct phenotyping and the ways how we map phenotypes to the genotype, the highly important question arises of how to integrate the massive amounts of phenotypic and genomic data for understanding complex biological phenomena.


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