The 2018 SEB-Wiley-TPJ Outstanding Paper Awards

30 Jul 2019 - By: SEB

The 2018 SEB-Wiley- TPJ Outstanding Paper Awards

This year  the SEB in collaboration with Wiley introduced the SEB –Wiley-TPJ Outstanding Paper Awards which celebrate some of the most significant research published by The Plant Journal (TPJ) each year.  Awards are given in the following categories:

  • Outstanding Original Research Article
  • Outstanding Technical Advance Article
  • Outstanding Resource Article

As well as the main awards for each type of research article published by TPJ,  this year we have also awarded prizes to outstanding papers in which the first author was a PhD student at time of submission. The first authors of each outstanding paper received free membership of the SEB for one year. The student first authors  also received free registration at the 2019   SEB Annual Meeting in Seville. All authors received an award certificate.

The list of prize‐winning papers for 2018 can be found below. The  articles were voted for by The Plant Journal Editorial Board from a longlist drawn up from download rates, citations, and Altmetric scores.

Congratulations to all authors of these truly excellent papers!

Outstanding Original Research Article

#Lang, D., #Ullrich, K.K., Murat, F., Fuchs, J., Jenkins, J., Haas, F.B., Piednoel, M., Gundlach, H., Van Bel, M., Meyberg, R., Vives, C., Morata, J., Symeonidi, A., Hiss, M., Muchero, W., Kamisugi, Y., Saleh, O., Blanc, G., Decker, E.L., van Gessel, N., Grimwood, J., Hayes, R.D., Graham, S.W., Gunter, L.E., McDaniel, S.F., Hoernstein, S.N.W., Larsson, A., Li, F.‐W., Perroud, P.‐F., Phillips, J., Ranjan, P., Rokshar, D.S., Rothfels, C.J., Schneider, L., Shu, S., Stevenson, D.W., Thümmler, F., Michael Tillich, M., Villarreal Aguilar, J.C., Widiez, T., Wong, G.K.‐S., Wymore, A., Zhang, Y., Zimmer, A.D., Quatrano, R.S., Mayer, K.F.X., Goodstein, D., Casacuberta, J.M., Vandepoele, K., Reski, R., Cuming, A.C., Tuskan, G.A., Maumus, F., Salse, J., Schmutz, J. and Rensing, S.A. (2018) The Physcomitrella patens chromosome‐scale assembly reveals moss genome structure and evolution. Plant J. 93, 515–533.

#Contributed equally to this work.

Outstanding Technical Advance Article

LeBlanc, C., Zhang, F., Mendez, J., Lozano, Y., Chatpar, K., Irish, V.F. and Jacob, Y. (2018) Increased efficiency of targeted mutagenesis by CRISPR/Cas9 in plants using heat stress. Plant J. 93, 377–386.

Outstanding Resource Article

Ristova, D., Giovannetti, M., Metesch, K. and Busch, W. (2018) Natural genetic variation shapes root system responses to phytohormones in Arabidopsis. Plant J. 96, 468–481.

Outstanding PhDauthored Original Research Article

Ogita, N., Okushima, Y., Tokizawa, M., Yamamoto, Y.Y., Tanaka, M., Seki, M., Makita, Y., Matsui, M., Okamoto‐Yoshiyama, K., Sakamoto, T., Kurata, T., Hiruma, K., Saijo, Y., Takahashi, N. and Umeda, M. (2018) Identifying the target genes of SUPPRESSOR OF GAMMA RESPONSE 1, a master transcription factor controlling DNA damage response in Arabidopsis. Plant J. 94, 439–453.

Outstanding PhDauthored Technical Advance Article

Dahan‐Meir, T., Filler‐Hayut, S., Melamed‐Bessudo, C., Bocobza, S., Czosnek, H., Aharoni, A. and Levy, A.A. (2018) Efficient in planta gene targeting in tomato using geminiviral replicons and the CRISPR/Cas9 system. Plant J. 95, 5–16.

Outstanding PhDauthored Resource Article

#Hoang, P.N.T., #Michael, T.P., Gilbert, S., Chu, P., Motley, S.T., Appenroth, K.J., Schubert, I. and Lam, E. (2018) Generating a high‐confidence reference genome map of the Greater Duckweed by integration of cytogenomic, optical mapping and Oxford Nanopore technologies. Plant J. 96, 670–684.

#Contributed equally to this work.

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