Study Contribution Opportunity For Students and Early Career Scientists

02 Feb 2021 - By: SEB

Study Contribution Opportunity For Students and Early Career Scientists


This is a call for PhD students and researchers who are not in an established tenured position, to join a study investigating change in employment status, careers, and scholarly attitudes with respect to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Participants will receive an Amazon voucher worth $200 upon completion.

In 2016, the world-wide Harbingers study was launched with the aim of investigating 'digital natives' — researchers under 35 who have yet to achieve established or tenured positions. The study investigated the impact of open access publishing, social media and online networks on the process of reputation building.    

The continuation of this study, Harbingers-2, is now in full swing, and is open to PhD Students and researchers in the early stages of their career in science. The team behind the study want to hear from researchers, to learn how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected work, life, and attitudes towards scholarly communication. Researchers are invited to participate if they meet one of the following requirements:

·       they received a doctorate and are currently working on a research project   

·       they are currently undertaking a doctorate and working on a research project   

·       they have been in a research position and are now undertaking a doctorate

Participants in the study should also be less than 45 years old and not in an established or tenured position. 

The project is built around three interviews across the next 18 months conducted by Zoom. In recognition of their valuable help, in addition to sharing of results, the team behind the study are offering an Amazon voucher worth $200, paid in three equal instalments of $66.67 after each interview is completed.

If you, or someone you know may be interested in participating, then please contact Anthony Watkinson (  at CIBER-research. To help the team to select a balanced representation of researchers, please also attach a current CV or résumé. 

This project is part of an international research collaboration between CIBER Research and the University of Tennessee Knoxville and is funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Please follow this link for more information on the Harbingers 2 study.  

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